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Autumn Harvest

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Autumn started over a month ago, but we have been lucky in this corner of the world to still enjoy the warm sun. As I look out my window this morning, I notice the trees transitioning their colors into warm hues. There is something about fall that leaves me in awe. Maybe it’s the colors; the beautiful, crisp golden air; or because it is finally boots season and I love standing in the autumn rain. Fall has always been my favorite season, a time when everything bursts with beauty; as if nature is giving us a second spring, a new perspective, a new beginning, and not to mention, a reminder that the holidays are just around the corner. In light of this, we are beginning our journey at SwanDoe and cannot wait to show you what we have been working on all summer.

As we slip into fall, the leaves slowly start to explode with shades of yellow, orange and red, which makes this season so special, and we took notes last year. In fact, the inspiration came from one of my day trips to Napa. Here are some memories  from last November when everything was just gorgeous and more picturesque than you can ever imagine, with a golden touch!

The leaves are just perfect, aren't they? So beautiful!

We found these beautiful vines across the street from where we had lunch. I had to take a selfie, of course :)

So go-ahead, grab a slice of pumpkin pie and head over to the Essentials Collection because you might go hungry reading color names. Yes, finally, we are now LIVE and you can start your Christmas shopping list early with our ‘Autumn Harvest’ Essentials Collection :)

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While you’re at it, grab a warm yummy drink too, or our Reversible Tote in Pumpkin Spice. This tote is definitely my new go-to piece; there is a lot of room for all the essentials and because it is reversible, I am having twice the fun matching it with my outfits throughout the holiday season!

As we creep ever closer to the holidays and time begins to feel like it is passing at warp speed, I hope you are able to take the time to remember all we have in this life to be thankful for. At SwanDoe, we are eternally grateful for our loyal clients, friends and family who has consistently showered us with kind words; inspired us to become better versions of ourselves and to follow our dreams. So, in the spirit of thanks + giving, we are hosting a contest. YUP! You can win one of our convertible 'Melody' Wallet Crossbody Bag and the 'Drop-In' Pouch Wallet! 




Winner will be randomly selected and announced on our blog and Instagram on December 1, 2016. If you are the lucky winner, all you have to do is pick your color: Pumpkin Pie or Ruby Sky and email us your mailing information so we can get your Christmas gift to you in time :) 

Enter the contest by leaving us a comment below, then share this blog post on either Facebook or Pinterest and tag us in your post, so we can LOVE it too. Good luck, and happy Autumn! 


Xuan Commagere

p.s. Happy Halloween!! 






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