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MARX - Fusion Blush

Designer: SwanDoe - MARX


Fusion Blush

Crafted with precision and passion, we've carefully inlaid each piece of leather together to create this one-of-a-kind clutch bag for your collection. Made-to-order and made in San Francisco by Hermès trained master artisans.

    Size Info:

    BAG: 8.375"W x 5.25"H x 2.50"D

    STRAP: Total Length is 61"; Leather Portion: 10" Long x 0.875"W
    If you prefer a shorter strap, please indicate at checkout
    + provide the requested strap length


    Total Weight: 16.9 oz

    Bag: 11.6 oz ; Strap: 5.3 oz (chain + leather)

    Care Instructions:

    • avoid humidity, rain and exposure to heat
    • avoid contact with abrasive surfaces
    • should product get wet, gently dry it with a natural colored, absorbent, non-fluffy cloth

    For more serious cleaning, please contact a leather cleaning professional.


    MARX Collection features our bespoke pieces hand crafted from start to finish in San Francisco. Hand stitched with premium leather sourced from France + Italy, ranging from French Calf, Saffiano, Patent, Pebbled, EPI leather and exotics.

    During the 1700s, French furniture makers perfected the art of arranging hundreds of small separately cut pieces of wood into an intricate design. This process was coined as wood marquetry. Inspired by this technique, we've applied the art of marquetry in crafting and perfecting this collection of clutch bags to showcase the inlay design of fusing different leather and colors together, creating unique patterns. The marquetry process requires precision and time, but the finished product is one of a kind!

    Precision is key and we want to make each bag with the love and care it deserves so please allow ample time when ordering your special bag.

    All items from the MARX Collection are Made-To-Order and currently requires a 3 months lead time. Bespoke, made-to-order items can only be modified or canceled within 24 hours from the time of purchase.


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