"Legendary women deserve legendary handbags that will last a lifetime. At SwanDoe we believe in making bags that can keep up and hold up, so you can focus on breaking that glass ceiling"

- Xuan Commagere

How It All Began:

Society expects us to fit in a mold. After working toward a successful conventional career, Xuan wanted to create a life with meaning and purpose. She dug deep and tapped into the source of her happiness, which led her to exercise her imagination. She stumbled upon an opportunity to be trained by an Hermes master artisan, and through this, she found her passion to develop products that can empower and inspire.

Having grown up in a third world country and lived through poverty, she remembers the struggles and hardships. Her hope is to be able to create free training programs to help struggling parents and/or victims of abuse find a second chance or a new career, along with assisting programs and foundations aimed to benefit underprivileged children.

Creating SwanDoe was her realization that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and it’s okay to rewrite your story.

About our Bags:

Our bags were created to hold up and keep up with the legendary woman. Our items are hand crafted by master artisans; we incorporate the finest materials and focus on detailed craftsmanship where most pieces can take over 40 hours to create. This means two things: our bags are limited and are one of a kind.

With life’s high demands, it’s inevitable we all need a bag that will last. At SwanDoe, we recognize the need to create products that are sure to be up for whatever challenges get thrown your way. We hope to be part of your story as you tackle each of these challenges. Whether you are on your way to achieving your goals or are currently celebrating a success, we are here to keep you stylish no matter where life takes you.